Noise, motion and temperature monitoring. Peace for your neighbors. Privacy for your guests. Security for you. Minut makes short term rental work for everyone.


100% Privacy-safe noise monitoring

Minut is the home sensor built for privacy. Guest privacy is our first priority. Minut is camera-free. Our sensors measure sound levels without recording or listening. Minut devices don’t collect, store or share personal data. So you and your guests can relax in total privacy.


    Happy neighbors & guests

    Sharing a home through short-term rental should leave everyone smiling - guests, hosts and neighbors. Party prevention, noise monitoring, guest privacy and home security, at Minut we’ve got everything you need to host happy.


      Noise monitoring

      Prevent noise issues by tracking not just how loud it is, but how long it is loud for, so you won’t be alerted every time a door slams.


        Motion & temperature

        Know when your guests arrive or check out, and if the A/C of heating has been left on.



          Peace of mind knowing your property is 100% privacy-safe.





            Smart Home Monitoring

            149,00 €Pris
            • Our all-in-one devices work together to create a perfectly customized monitoring solution for your home. We recommend installing your Minut Smart Home Sensor in a communal area such as the living room, then you can easily add additional devices to monitor other areas, such as the kitchen, hallway or bedroom

            • Mobile & web apps

              • Receive real-time notifications and manage all your homes in one place via your phone or desktop.

              • Noise monitoring

                Monitor noise and get instant notifications of loud noise levels and their duration.

              • Quiet hours

                You can set lower noise levels at night, if you need your guest to be quiet.

              • Instant notifications

                Receive instant notifications when loud noise, motion, temperature or humidity changes are detected.

              • Temperature & humidity tracking

                Monitor the temperature/humidity levels and be notified in case of any increase/decrease.

              • Alarm sound recognition

                If your smoke or CO detector sounds you will be instantly notified.

              • Tamper detection

                Be notified if someone tries to remove Minut from the ceiling.

              • Security alarm

                If motion is detected when the alarm is on, a 95dB siren will sound and the sensor will flash.

              • Silent alarm

                Get notified if motion is detected. The sensor will remain silent.

              • Mold risk analysis

                Monitor and be notified of the risk of mold growing.

              • Nightlight

                When you walk under the unit at night, it will light your way. You can choose which hours of the night you’d like the feature to be on for, or turn it off entirely.

              • Google Assistant

                Voice control Minut with your Google Assistant